FH Curved Plate

As a designer at AGAM, I get to see firsthand design trends and must “invent” and engineer solutions to meet those client demands. Over the past few years, SEG (silicone edge graphics) or fabric graphics have exploded in popularity because of their versatility, ease of assembly, and packing/shipping efficiency.

Recently, more and more designs are requesting tightly curved fabric corners (radius ≤ 6”) and I have now developed a viable solution: the FH Curved Plate.

FH108 Curved Plate_3

AGAM’s latest product and addition to the FH series opens up many new design possibilities. The FH Curved Plate provides a simple, yet extremely effective way to create tight rounded corners on previously non-bendable extrusions. It is compatible with the FH761, FH762, FH1081, and FH1082. Fabricated from a series of stacked aluminum plates, the FH Curved Plate is lightweight and easy to assemble. It simply slides into the corresponding extrusion and is secured using two small screws. Looking at the exterior of the frame, the connection appear almost seamless with no fasteners or holes visible.

Here is a step-by-step process showing how FH Curved Plate is assembled:

(2) FH108 Curved Corner_Sample Pictures-6

(3) FH108 Curved Corner_Sample Pictures-4

(4) FH108 Curved Corner_Sample Pictures-2

(5) FH108 Curved Corner_Sample Pictures-1

I tested an actual frame with a graphic installed to make sure the concept was viable. We quickly learned that although the curved plate did its job well at the top and bottom of the frame, the SEG still needed support running the entire length of curve to keep a consistent radius. To solve this problem, we simply installed an oversized piece of sintra, matching the curve of the plate to “push out” the fabric. Below are photos of the final result:

(6) _DSC4388

(7) _DSC4390

(8) _DSC4396

I can also customize the engineering and fabrication of this new product. Both the radius and angle of the plate can be changed based on design specifications. We are not limited to a standard 90 degree angle; we can do nearly anything from 0 to 180 degrees is possible. The FH Curved Plate can make custom-angled banners, S-curves, waves, etc. As with almost all of our products, it can be powder coated in any custom color to create a truly seamless look. The possibilities are limited only by the designer’s imagination.

Let me know if you would like to receive more information about this product line. I can also help with the engineering of your design(s). My email address is ahart@agam.com.

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