AGAM Design of the Week: Verizon

AGAM Design of the Week: Verizon

AGAM Design of the Week: Verizon

With the AGAM System, design possibilities are infinite. So, to help with creative inspiration, AGAM wanted to stoplight some of our favorite designs to help you visualize what is possible with our system.

Using the FH2001 Extrusion for the Verizon Exhibit

The intention of this design idea was to capture Verizon’s brand identity into a physical form. In addition to form, close attention would need to be paid to color schemes and distribution.

By using the new FH2001 extrusion, which was designed for constructing lightboxes, AGAM built four different structures: a red check, representative of Verizon’s logo, which runs through the three black ascending boxes. In addition, the Verizon logo was placed on the third box.

AGAM uses SEG and LED to Complete the Look

The frames were designed with extrusions made for silicone-edge-graphics (SEG), so they can be quickly modified and switched out to update the look.

The red check was designed to be backlit using LED strips and the aluminum frame is powdercoated black to provide contrast while staying within Verizon’s color scheme. The checks is supported by three vertical posts that are bolted through the FH2001 frame and hidden inside of each of the black boxes. For proper installation and connections, customer miter connection was used to hold the frame together.

AGAM Design of the Week: Verizon

AGAM Design of the Week: Verizon

Additions to the Verizon Exhibit

In front of the structure is a simple display table that can be used for product demonstrations and information. It can also be easily modified to accommodate other AGAM accessories such as iPad mounts, literature holders, and monitors mounts. This type of display is perfect, not only for tradeshow environments, but also as a semi-permanent store fixture or point of purchase display for Verizon retail locations.

AGAM Design of the Week: Verizon

AGAM Design of the Week: Verizon

AGAM Can Build an Exhibit For You!

As innovative designers at AGAM, we are continually creating new extrusions and accessories to benefit our customers. The AGAM Aluminum Modular Display System’s components interlock to build attractive exhibits, displays, store fixtures, office environments or anything you imagination and creativity will allow! Email us at or give us a call, toll-free, for more information at 1-800-645-0854.

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