LED Accent Lighting

Lighting2With our new LED Lighting Components, we opened a large array of possibilities.  Not only can we create back lit frames for graphics, but these lights work well as accent lighting.  Here is how we created our LED accent lighting.

Take an extrusion, like our VS76 or VS108, and remove one side.  The large square profiles create the perfect housing for the LED strip.  It was tall enough and wide enough to fit our lights easily inside.  We attached the lights using the mounting holes on metal strip and bolted it to the extrusion.


Attach one of our LED strips, and remove the lenses.  The lenses were removed to allow the light to spread evenly throughout the extrusion.


Untitled-5iA 1/8” thick, semi-transparent, white acrylic panel makes an effective diffuser for the LEDs.  The light reflects off the aluminum surface and is directed toward the acrylic panel.  Next, you need to place an end cap on each end of the extrusion.  This helps capture the light and reflect it toward the acrylic panel.


Special end plates were designed so the Accent Light can be incorporated with our other extrusions.  One plate is for attaching horizontally, and another plate for using the Accent Light vertically.  Both plates work without blocking any light from the light strip.


The accent lighting can be used in an exhibit, an office, or anywhere an aesthetic lighting solution is needed.  We have created Accent Lights in up to 8’ lengths, in both VS76 and VS108.  Ask our sales reps about how we can incorporate our LED strips in your design.

  1. LED Light bulbs can be as small as 2mm making them ideal for fitting into hard to reach and compact areas.

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