Powder Coating Upgrade

As part of its commitment to offer its customers up-to-date, sophisticated technology under one roof, AGAM recently purchased a 75’ conveyorized oven.  The installation took place mid-April and was the conclusion of a long study period.

Sophisticated Engineering- When you install a conveyorized oven, you first must determine the capacity.  Our objective was to powder coat 2,000 to 2,500 linear feet per hour or 20,000 linear feet per day.  We determined that we wanted a minimum speed of 4’ per minute, and as a result, the oven needed to be 75’ long because parts need to cure for 15 minutes.


Engineering details were complex and we went through numerous drawings to get things right, a sample is below.


The new oven and conveyor system not only give us increased capacity, but we are now able to powder coat full lengths, 20’ or 6 meters.  We are seeing an increased demand for such long parts and extrusions used in large displays.


Install- It took about 1 week to install what amounted to 2 tractor trailer loads of equipment.



Adjustments- Tweaking the tension and adjusting the lubricating system for the automated conveyor was necessary.


And to calibrate the oven to produce even heat from end to end took another couple of days.


This substantial investment is in-line with AGAM’s dedication to offer to leading display builders an unmatched group of engineering capabilities, as well as sophisticated state of the art machining under one roof.


Stay tuned for the next upgrade to our paint line coming in Q3.

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