Custom Angles

Complex projects on a tight schedule are no problem for AGAM’s experienced and well equipped production staff.  From custom fabricated steel parts to mitered corners to powder coating, AGAM’s breadth of services is extensive.  One specialty that is commonly taken advantage of is the cutting of custom angles.  Most of our profiles can be cut at an extensive range of angles, the most basic of which is the mitered 45 degree corner.  Mitered corners are a great way to achieve a clean look.


AGAM’s technical expertise along with our extensive machining capabilities allow for the precise production of a wide variety of angles.  Each of AGAM’s production teams is equipped with three miter saws capable of cuts at +/-60° from 90°.  In addition to the saws in each team, we have one saw whose specific function is to cut more extreme angles.   This saw can cut profiles at +/-67.5° from 90° and is digitally adjustable up to one tenth of a degree.



Our double miter saw features digital adjustability of both angle and length and allows us to cut both ends of an extrusion simultaneously.

When it comes to angles precision is essential so we equip all of our production specialists with the tools necessary to verify the accuracy and consistency of an order.  Many of these orders require custom angles.  Whether it is for structural support inside or outside of a frame, or a uniquely shaped FH frame, these atypical angles are quickly produced.  If being used for internal support we usually will be required to make custom angled CBX connectors.  These connectors are cut to the same angle as the extrusion that it is installed in, allowing for a firm connection.

One interesting use of mitered corners is the installation of horizontally miter cut FH19 into vertically miter cut PH1028.  This allows for a seamless wrap around SEG fabric.


Another example is the below VS76 corner, which was welded together with FH76 installed inside allowing for the use of SEG fabric.  The frame is then powder coated to produce a seamless corner.


Below custom angled pieces (with custom CBX connectors) allowed us to mount the curved ring to base plates.


Custom angled FH1082 frames required 2 different angle cuts as well as custom miter connectors cut on our water jet.




Accessories related to custom cut angles such as mounting plates, miter connectors or support brackets are produced using a variety of other machines, all of them in house.  Custom miter connectors are cut then drilled and tapped.  These all make for more interesting designs unique to each project.  Whether the angles are for a simple FH Frame, a small kiosk, or a complex display, AGAM has the expertise to quickly and accurately cut the custom angles your project requires.

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