Exhibitor2013 Engineering/Construction

This year, I was in charge of designing and building AGAM’s booth at EXHIBITOR 2013. In this 20’ x 30’ space, our objective was a strong architectural presence, an open and inviting floor, and to highlight new product developments such as Plikó with lights, the Aluminum Cladding System, and Cable Beam System.

From sketching to scale model, from rendering to final construction, we followed these goals. Each our concepts contained dynamic elements designed to add visual interest without detracting from the overall structure. One of the most important features in this year’s design was the lack of kiosks on the floor. Instead, we worked to integrated product displays into the columns.




The tower was the hub of the design, similar to a lighthouse indicating the path to a safe harbor. From there, three main spokes diverged outwards. They were built using our brand new Cable Beam System with a 40’ (12 meter) span and require no center support (see brochure here). Walls of the columns and tower were covered with our Aluminum Cladding System, an innovative way of covering vertical surfaces (see brochure here). The addition of the cladding to cap off the sides of the SEG covered columns created a very finished aesthetic.


On the Exhibit floor, we displayed Plikó, an ingenious, self folding, display with integrated backlit LED. There was ample room to walk around and to appreciate what visual impact these proprietary LED strips – made to AGAM’s specifications – can deliver.

On each column, we had bins full of gismos, all AGAM’s designed, engineered and made. Among these, an iPad Case + Swivel Mount, Push Button In-Line Connector, and other custom fabrication capabilities.

All inclusive, this exhibit incorporated nine new products – solidifying AGAM’s unchallenged position as a leader in innovation.


During the engineering and construction phases, I pulled from all resources and machining capabilities that AGAM has. The design required such things as custom plates (produced by our Laser Cutting Center), custom brackets (bent on a CNC Press Brake), and custom attachments like a reinforcement gusset welded to a steel plate. Every visible aluminum and steel part of the exhibit was powder coated for a clean and consistent finish.

There are some really talented individuals here at AGAM inside the production plant and I am still amazed at how things are made seamlessly – matching exact specifications in record breaking turnaround times.


I am honored to have led such a project and be part of a team of dedicated professionals in the various phases of design, engineering and construction of such exhibit.

Fellow exhibitors stopped by, even during setup and I could feel through their eyes their pride of seeing AGAM being a leading contributor to the success of the annual industry event. We, at AGAM, have really appreciated their compliments and comments and I take the opportunity of such blog to thank each and every one of them for that.

It was Coco Chanel – the diva of fashion – who once said, “You only have one opportunity to make a successful first impression”;   again, we did it.


If you would like some detailed fabrication CAD drawings, feel free to shoot me an e-mail at ahart@agam.com and let me know which format you like (SolidWorks, AutoCAD, or others).


Alexandra Hart
Industrial Designer

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