In HAAS We Trust

AGAM has a longstanding commitment to consistently provide better products and to increase services for our customers. Every year, a substantial budget is set aside for purchasing new machinery, employee training and general plant improvements.  This year, our biggest purchase was a HAAS VF 5/40 XT vertical machine center which was delivered and installed in early October.

All told, this purchase was nearly 2 years in the making.  Last September we visited EMO, which is an international trade fair for the machine and tool industry located in Hannover Germany.  While at EMO, we looked at machines from top manufacturers around the world.  After spending significant time with multiple machine center manufacturers, it became apparent that we needed to go with the industry leader- HAAS.

Choosing the appropriate model that could produce our entire range of products was not an easy one but our requirements led us to the VX 5 XT.  The HAAS VF 5 XT is a substantial upgrade from our current machine center in terms of size, speed and capabilities.  What this means for our customers is that both stock and custom parts can be made faster and to exact tolerances, ensuring that tight deadlines are always met.

The VF 5 XT features 5 axis capabilities, a 60” x 26” machining bed (allowing six vises), a 20 position umbrella tool changer, a 30 HP motor and full CNC control wrapped up in a 15,000 pound package.  We are especially excited about the rotary table we purchased for this machine.  The rotary table will create a fourth axis, allowing the HAAS to perform operations on multiple surfaces in just one set-up.

To supplement the VF 5’s capabilities, AGAM has also purchased CAMWorks.  CAMWorks is CNC based software that will allow us to program complex 3D parts quickly and accurately, rather than manual programming, which we needed to do previously.  Since we currently model our products in SolidWorks, choosing SolidWorks Product Partner CAMWorks for our programming software was a logical decision.

In fact, it is amazing how seamlessly this machine has fit in and become a piece of equipment that we rely on daily.

AGAM is very excited to have finally received this machine and we look forward to using its expansive capabilities to provide better service for all of your needs.  Please watch and enjoy the video below.

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