Inside Look: AGAM Employees

What are the keys to any company’s success?  Its employees!

AGAM is a company that is made up of diverse people who share a common drive for success.  This starts with our owner, and it carries down to every single employee.

AGAM believes that an employee’s growth potential is the key to longevity and overall satisfaction in the work place.  When we hire new employees, we know that there will be a steep learning curve due to the complexity of our product line.  So we hire people with strong character and positive attitudes because it is required that new employees be able to reach beyond their current capabilities and acquire new skill sets.   This is beneficial for both the company and for the employee’s pocket book.

EXAMPLE: Designers

Skill wise, designers hired by AGAM are mainly chosen based on their AutoCAD and SolidWorks proficiency.  The initial and primary function of an AGAM designer is to assist Project Coordinators with the design of client projects.

SolidWorks Cubicle

AutoCAD Booth Design

However, each designer is gradually given additional responsibilities one of which includes being assigned to one of our sophisticated machines to learn and oversee its function.   This allows the designer to get external training and manage all technical aspects of a machine such as our laser, waterjet, CNC Press Brake and CNC Roller Benders.  This comes in very handy when the designers are doing custom parts for client drawings and for R&D.  While discussing projects/products with their peers, they are quickly able to determine the feasibility of any given new product or idea.

Photographed above from upper left to lower right is AGAM’s laser, press brake, roller bender, and waterjet which are some of the machines that make up AGAM’s sophisticated Machining Center.

Recently we created a new part, the 290 FS 42 steel miter connector.  Sam, its creator is in charge of our Trumpf CNC Press Brake and he spent two weeks in training for both operation and programming.

The first step in designing the 290 FS 42 was to model it in SolidWorks.

Once drawn, Sam needed to discuss the cutting of the parts with Tamas who is in charge of the laser.

For bending the parts, Sam was able to transfer the SolidWorks file into the CNC Press Brake.  Below Sam is seen working with Allan (The CNC Press Brake and Laser Operator.) who just got back from a week’s worth of training at Trumpf in Connecticut.

Finally, the part is bent on the press brake.

It took some minor tweaking, but after minimal trial and error a new AGAM part was born.  This part now lays the groundwork for four other similar products soon to be released.

This is but one example of how the people of AGAM grow the company from within.  AGAM and its employees are committed to bringing products that are aesthetically pleasing, more sophisticated and cost-effective to the market place.
With the hard work and dedication our employees, AGAM’s future is very bright indeed.

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