AGAM’s Exhibitor2012 Booth Design: How It Came About

AGAM EuroShop 2011 booth

The design of the Exhibitor2012 booth found its origins in AGAM’s very successful booth for EuroShop 2011.  The EuroShop booth was well accepted and praised by many visitors.  It proved to be an exceptional layout for presenting information and retaining an open feel at floor level.  With the success at EuroShop, we felt it could serve as the design language for future AGAM booth designs, thus the upcoming Exhibitor booth.

Design ideation #1

Early concepts and sketches contained cubes (the same theme as those used in the EuroShop booth).  Through the exhibit concept progression we acknowledged the fact that the 2012 booth needed to contain more information to present to visitors than the EuroShop booth.  With the increase of information there came a need for access to visual information from any location in the booth.

We then re-engineered the design of the cubes, by removing the inside quadrants.  The cubes went from being closed entities to being just corners.  From the outside of the booth, it would appear to be four cubes while the inside would be one large cube.  The inside cube area would become additional graphic space.

Design ideation #2

We also set out to exceed what had been achieved with the EuroShop booth design.  The EuroShop booth was an attention-grabber because of its design, but we wanted the Exhibitor booth to be a shinning beacon to grab everyone’s attention.  In the overhead area of a booth, which is normally dark or dimly lit, we saw an opportunity to have a “shinning beacon”.  We made the decision to back-light the entire upper structure.  This would draw a potential visitor’s eye from much farther away.  The large, vibrant, glowing, colorful structure would stand out above the crowd, literally.

With the schedule of shows that AGAM is attending with different show parameters we realized we would be working with 20’X20’ and 20’x30’ floor spaces.  Therefore the booth needed to be modular with the ability to transform from a 20’X30’ for Exhibitor to a 20’x20’ for future shows.  The transformation would also have to be seamless so the booth looked clean and complete in both size configurations.

In the area that would have to yield the space for the conversion between 20’x30’ and 20’x20’ we needed units that looked complete in the 20’x30’ layout and were not visually missing when looking at the 20’x20’.  In continuing with the cube and rectilinear feel of the booth we decided on using a square for this section.  However we also wanted to “connect” the overhead structure to the ground to make a comfortable transition between the two.

With the overhead making such a bold monolithic statement we felt that giving the booth an architectural feel would be appropriate.  We did some design studies and sketch groups to explore the leg elements and how they could best convey such architectural feel.   I used simple shapes with a subtle detail to give visual interest and lighten their look and feel.  As much as we were working towards an architectural feel we still wanted to have a “wow” factor.  The “wow” factor is the component that makes the visitors ask “how did they do that”.  To achieve the “wow” factor we decided to make the individual sections of the booth look like they were floating and independent.  This was achieved through the hanging of the sections and spacing plates that held the independent pieces in the right position and orientation without being obvious.

Final design sketches

Check back for the a blog on the booth construction and it’s about its presence on the trade show floor.

  1. Nice post! Like the way your step by step description that how you achieved your goal.

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