AGAM SEG Frame Used as a Display Solution for Company of GORE-TEX®

Jay Wallace, Owner of of j wallace, LLC worked with AGAM for a custom display solution.

Jay Wallace, Owner of of j wallace, LLC

Jay Wallace, owner of j wallace, LLC, located in York, Pennsylvania recently used AGAM for a successful project and was kind enough to share his   experience with us.

His customer, W.L. Gore & Associates was recently named on FORTUNE magazine’s 2012 list of “100 Best Companies to Work For.” They are well-known for their GORE-TEX® fabrics used in outerwear and footwear.

In the lobby of their Capabilities Center, they needed to deliver a positive and lasting first impression for their visitors.  W.L. Gore preferred something unusual, low profile and that didn’t emphasize a frame as much as an image.  There was also a little technical constraint, a need to cover existing metal brackets that were drilled into a brick wall.

Jay’s solution was to use two 125″ x 128″ AGAM aluminum frames with stretch fabric inserts.  This was not exactly what W.L. Gore had in mind at first. But in front of a six person committee, Jay used a 2’ x 3’ mini-prototype frame to demonstrate AGAM’s superior capabilities, including powder coating. The group quickly approved the customized solution that used extrusion FH451 with components being no longer than 6’ for the facilitation of shipping and handling.

Seth, Project Manager at AGAM, worked with Jay on the design and engineering of the custom frames.  A CAD drawing supported a detailed cut list, outlining the hidden ‘bracing’ system to prevent sagging of the frames.

Assembly was a breeze because with AGAM all components are cut to size, drilled, punched and only requires a set of hex keys. The frames were installed over the existing horizontal metal braces so Jay’s customer did not have to go through the hassle of removing anything.

Elegant, frameless and suspended off the wall, Jay’s work fulfilled the customer’s objectives who kindly shared photos with us.  One of their displays features a partial view of the globe while the other is a summary of W.L. Gore’s mission statement.  Jay said, “the cool thing about these frames are that they look like they are standing off of the wall a little bit, making it look even more 3 dimensional.”  Even a month after installation, Jay’s customer says everyone is still raving about them!

AGAM parts used to build 125″ x 128″ aluminum frames with stretch fabric inserts:

8  FH451, length of 64″
8  FH451, length of 62 1/2″”
8  PH1005, length of 60 11/16″
12 PH1005, length of 40 1/4″
8  FH Angle Bracket
8  Miter Connectors for the PH1005
12 In-line Connectors for the PH1005

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