AGAM’s Oval CBX Punch Design

AGAM has created a team infrastructure that we believe best serves the needs of our customers: providing superior client service, as well as design in the aluminum modular system industry. As technologies and techniques continue to develop, AGAM refines our system to suit all of our customer’s needs and wants.

Connecting Frames with AGAM’s Oval CBX Punch

Do you want to add an extrusion to the inside of an existing frame? Are you wondering how it would connect? AGAM has answered your question with the creation of the Oval CBX Punch. The unique oval punch design allows and easily ‘hide-and-slide’ inside select system extrusions. AGAM’s already simple assembly process will become instantly more efficient by minimizing extrusion placement constraints during construction.

AGAM’s Oval CBX Punch Design

AGAM’s Oval CBX Punch Design


AGAM Extrusions that Work with the Oval CBX Punch

This oval “cut out/ punch out” allows a CBX Connector to slide easily in and out of these select extrusions: PH1005, PH1045, PH1038, PL1012, TR44, PH1080, PH2000, Slatwall, PH1003, PH1003-B, PH1070, PH1002, TR45, PH1035, PH1028, PH1036, and PH1076.

How the Oval CBX Punch Connects to Extrusions

Sliding the screw away from the CBX Connector sets it to the “in” position. This position is used for placement of the extrusion.

AGAM’s Oval CBX Punch Design

Once you’ve chosen the placement of your extrusion, it is time to secure it. Slide the screw toward the CBX Connector; this sets it to the “out” position.

AGAM’s Oval CBX Punch Design

Tighten the screw and voilà, you have successfully added an extrusion without having to disassemble your existing structure!

AGAM’s Oval CBX Punch Design

AGAM’s Easy Assembly

AGAM offers unparalleled manufacturing and specialized fabrication services. With a vast 110,000 square foot production facility, AGAM provides all its services under one roof in the United States. With AGAM Systems, design possibilities are infinite. So, if you are looking to make improvements to any environment, such as a conference room (as in our case), AGAM has a solution for you. Email us at or give us a call, toll-free, for more information at 1-800-645-0854.

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