Adaptation of the Canopy Connector at AGAM

At AGAM Aluminum Modular System, we work with our customers to meet their exact needs and overcome any design challenges they may have. From large to small, round to square, SEG to traditional panel-based extrusions, AGAM has the extrusions and accessories needed for your next project, and if we do not, we will create it for you!

We recently adapted the canopy connector in our AGAM aluminum modular system to fantastic results and satisfied our client requests completely. The AGAM aluminum modular system lends itself to easily to unique and creative customizations satisfying clients requests and design specifications. The adaptation of the canopy connector resulted in a unique and interesting aluminum modular construction made out of the AGAM aluminum modular system.

The Canopy Connector at AGAM

Adaptation of the Canopy Connector at AGAM

Adaptation of the Canopy Connector at AGAM 

We appreciate our clients for helping us to see our own AGAM aluminum modular system in a different light with their creative design requests. AGAM’s aluminum modular system is adaptable and customizable and creative projects provide fantastic opportunities in exercising our best construction practices. AGAM listens to our client’s needs and concerns, which often results in AGAM offering better products. At AGAM we listen carefully to our client’s needs and concerns to provide the best products in the aluminum modular design system industry supporting our client’s success.

Our canopy connector is typically used in pairs to support a canopy. One of AGAM’s customers recently came to us with a design that used our canopy connector to support a cantilever structure. In this instance, only one canopy connector was used and after several uses, the canopy connector started to become weak. The constant re-tightening due to the uneven load of the cantilever structure, had worn out the canopy connector.

Adaptation of the Canopy Connector at AGAM

Adaptation of the Canopy Connector at AGAM

AGAM Resolves the Canopy Connector Problem

When the customer called AGAM to ask for suggestions on how to resolve the problem, AGAM decided to discuss the issue with the project coordinators and a few designers. These individuals agreed that our current product, which had only one screw on each side of the connector, was not sufficient for this client’s application.

After some brainstorming, AGAM designers and project coordinators came up with a custom solution, which allowed the connector to function in the same way, but offered an extra screw to lock the connector in place. This new design required a new custom insert block and bracket to accommodate the additional screw needed to secure the canopy connector at a given angle.

Standard Canopy Connector

Adaptation of the Canopy Connector at AGAM

AGAM Provides Superior Clients Support

Thanks to our in-house capabilities, AGAM was able to design, manufacture, and ship multiple units of this modified part within two days. AGAM was able to respond quickly to our clients’ needs and learn something new in the process. In fact, AGAM is strongly considering changing our existing Canopy Connector to this new design or creating a new product for cantilever applications.

As innovative designers at AGAM and industry leaders in the aluminum modular design space, we are always creating new extrusions and accessories to benefit our customers. The AGAM Aluminum Modular Display System’s components interlock to build attractive exhibits, displays, store fixtures, office environments or anything you imagination and creativity will allow! Email us at or give us a call, toll-free, for more information at 1-800-645-0854.

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