Team-based Production Yields Successful Results

AGAM offers unparalleled manufacturing and specialized fabrication services for both large-scale and small-scale projects. About a year ago, AGAM moved into of our vast 110,000 square foot production facility located in Elkridge, Maryland. Since the move, AGAM now provides all its services under one roof in the United States. With state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained production specialists, AGAM provides fast turnaround schedules and precision fabricated products for all our clients.Team-based Production Yields Successful Results

AGAM’s New Production Facility

Moving into our new building a year ago presented AGAM with an opportunity to restructure the way in which work flows through our production space.

With AGAM’s steady growth over the past decade, the old production system had grown and developed that our employees began to experience some manufacturing inefficiencies. These, more often than not, translated into longer lead times and inconsistencies in our end products. A larger and more streamlined work environment seemed like the best way for AGAM to make dramatic improvements to the production process, and moving to a new plant made this possible.

Optimized Work Environment at AGAM’s New Plant

The significant alteration to our manufacturing system since the move to our new facility was the introduction of a team-based production process. The old building did not have space for our employees and equipment to spread out and divide into teams. We now have multiple teams of order processors, equally equipped with the tools necessary to complete orders quickly and accurately.

The second significant alteration was the implementation of team leaders. With this, production questions are fielded almost instantaneously. Also, a helping hand is readily available for complex processes and frequent inspections help attain an even higher degree of quality.

Team-based Production Yields Successful Results

The New Production Process at The New AGAM Facility

Having spent 14 years in our former building, the production area had grown to fill every inch. Machines and storage were placed in what was the best space at the time. With the new building, we not only gained 75,000 square feet of space but it was empty, which allowed us to design the production area from scratch.

We carefully configured the team areas, so work flows linearly. We began with the placement of our aluminum stock, positioning it at the beginning of the team areas, substantially reducing the time it takes to retrieve the appropriate materials to begin orders. Then we organized the machines in sequential order of the production process. See the process through the pictures below:

Team-based Production Yields Successful Results

Begin with the aluminum stock since retrieving materials is the first step in the production process.

Team-based Production Yields Successful Results

The first machines in the team areas are the saws.

Team-based Production Yields Successful Results

Punch presses come next and each has one hole size and hole location. Production workers have these readily available as a guided press for the particular extrusion they have in hand.

Team-based Production Yields Successful Results

Milling machines are used to drill custom holes and to create custom parts.

Team-based Production Yields Successful Results

Completing the team areas are the packing lines.

Team-based Production Yields Successful Results

Each team area is strategically designed so that the workflow ended at our shipping docks.

AGAM Can Help With Your Design Needs

After overhauling our production process, we have seen invaluable benefits including shorter lead-times, fewer production errors, and a more consistent end product. As innovative designers at AGAM, we are continually creating new extrusions and accessories to benefit our customers. The AGAM Aluminum Modular Display System’s components interlock to build attractive exhibits, displays, store fixtures, office environments or anything you imagination and creativity will allow! Email us at or give us a call, toll-free, for more information at 1-800-645-0854.

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