AGAM Attended SGIA Expo 2011

AGAM Attended SGIA Expo 2011

AGAM’s booth at the SGIA Expo, October 19-21, 2011 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Every year at the SGIA Expo, hundreds of exhibitors showcase a broad range of equipment available in the special printing and image technology market. The SGIA Expo brings thousands of attendees from around the world who want to get acquainted with leaders in the industry. The Expo was in New Orleans, Louisiana where AGAM exhibited alongside industry leaders such as Hewlett-Packard, Emerson, and Fujifilm.


AGAM at the SGIA Expo

AGAM Attended SGIA Expo 2011

Laser Cutting and Powdercoating all done at AGAM Plant in Elkridge, MD

AGAM’s booth is an example of what can be accomplished using the AGAM System. We designed, manufactured, and assembled our entire booth (excluding the printing of the SEG fabrics) at our new 110,000 square-foot plant right outside of Baltimore, Maryland. We do all of the cutting, punching, tapping, welding, bending, drilling and powder coating at our plant.

Therefore, the possibilities are almost endless at AGAM. Simply send us a sketch of your idea, and we will help you engineer your design with our system (free of charge, it is part of our service). We will then provide you with a quote. Once you have approved the quote, AGAM Aluminum Modular System will manufacture the design and send you a Ready-to-Assemble (RTA) kit. Alternatively, if you have already worked with AGAM and only need a few extra extrusions/parts we are happy to supply those as well.

AGAM Attended SGIA Expo 2011

Pliko, a tool-free collapsible SEG fabric display.

AGAM Attended SGIA Expo 2011

Mizo, a snap-together SEG display.









AGAM Interacts with Attendees at the SGIA Expo

AGAM Attended SGIA Expo 2011

Ettiene, AGAM’s Vice President of the Western Region, shows an attendee how we used SEG fabric corners to create the hanging cube above our booth

During the expo, AGAM had the opportunity to meet hundreds of these attendees, ranging from exhibit builders to fabric printers. Many attendees enjoyed handling our extrusion samples and imagining the display possibilities.

Our newest extrusions, the FH1490 Extrusion, and the FH1490 End Plate, which are used to create seamless Silicone Edge (SEG) fabric corners, have many capabilities. As an example of AGAM’s newest extrusions, we created a standing cube display and hanging cube above our booth.


Thanks for Stopping By and Come Visit AGAM Today

AGAM Attended SGIA Expo 2011

Xavier, AGAM’s President, talks with attendees about engineering their design idea with the AGAM System.

We want to thank everyone who stopped by our booth at the Expo. If you were overwhelmed by all the possibilities of the AGAM System, we would like to invite you to come visit us anytime and take a behind-the-scenes tour of how we fabricate and manufacture our products. AGAM Aluminum Modular Display System can provide quality products in a timely manner. As a company, we strive to exceed our customer’s expectations every day! Email us at or give us a call, toll-free, for more information at 1-800-645-0854.


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