AGAM Honors Employees for 15 Years of Service

Happy 15th anniversary Debbie, Tamas, and Troy!

Fifteen years ago, after moving into a new, larger building, AGAM was looking toward expansion and growth. Debbie Seidlitz, Human Resources and Accounting, Tamas Kocsis, Vice President of Design and Engineering, and Troy Holland, Vice President and General Manager, were the driving force of leading AGAM into the future. Their outstanding character and professional quality held AGAM together through tough times.

AGAM Moves Forward Despite Tough Times

While business slowed, and times were tough when the recessions hit in 2000-2001 and 2007-2008, AGAM was able to come out stronger and ready to embark on a very long period of substantial growth.

Throughout the difficult times, the company always looked beyond the short-term, never losing faith in our collective ability to build a better future. Debbie, Tamas and Troy, the three individuals who have been with the company for fifteen years, have also been part of the driving force for the business. These three people continuously push AGAM forward through strong leadership and guidance.

New and Improved AGAM

Flash forward a few more years and AGAM has recently relocated to a bigger, better building of gigantic proportions. Our current space measures 110,000 square feet! That is three times the size of our old building. As our business continues to thrive, AGAM believes our organization is better than ever.

AGAM is now ready to embark on the next fifteen years of growth together. AGAM’s ability to listen to customers, adapt to new demands, design novel products, and to be a “people company” are keys factors in our driving success.

To thank Debbie, Tamas, and Troy for their many years of dedication and service, we celebrated their fifteen-year anniversary with an event of epic proportions! With a little creativity, AGAM was able to incorporate some of our products and extrusions in the celebration, giving the event a personal and unique touch. Below are some of the highlights of our festival!

AGAM employees made this from the AGAM system as part of the festivities surrounding the event.

One game that was played, AGAM Jeopardy with all questions focused around AGAM and it’s history.


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