Inside Look at AGAM: Curves

Display designs over the last 20+ years have incorporated more and more curved elements. Though curving is both an art and science, it is one of AGAM’s fortes. AGAM provides unparalleled service by consistently giving our clients custom curves that meet their exact specifications in a timely manner.

Lead Curve Specialist at AGAM

Inside Look at AGAM: Curves

  • Name: Robert Watkins
  • Nickname: ROCK
  • Position: Curve Specialist
  • Years at AGAM: 5
  • Skills: Roller Bender, C.N.C. Laser

Robert (photographed to the right) is our Lead Curve Specialist. He is responsible for overseeing three CNC roller benders; two saw stations and up to three employees that work in his department.

Bending curves is an art and science because aluminum extrusions change properties based on age and temperature. So, even if Robert writes programs for the different extrusions and radius’s, they cannot be 100% perfect the first time and “tweaking” always needs to be done.

To ensure curves come out correctly, Robert uses a unique radii-measuring device and also checks the curve with a 1:1 scale print out of the curve.

8-Step Processes to Creating a Curve

Here is the process for creating a curve with the AGAM System:

Inside Look at AGAM: Curves

1. Curves are drawn by designers in AutoCAD and printed for production

Inside Look at AGAM: Curves

2. Get orders from the production board


Inside Look at AGAM: Curves

3. Material is cut to the required length 

Inside Look at AGAM: Curves

4. A master curve is rolled and will be used to check the remaining curves

Inside Look at AGAM: Curves

5. The master curve is checked for accuracy

Inside Look at AGAM: Curves

6. After all curves are rolled, 1:1 cut sheets are used to achieve their proper angle

Inside Look at AGAM: Curves

7. If required, holes are punched for CBX Connectors

Inside Look at AGAM: Curves

8. Then, the curves are wrapped and ready to be packaged


For your next project, explore how the use of curves can enhance and help distinguish your display. Our sales team, designers, and production staff are ready to assist you with your next project.

AGAM Can Create Your Designs

The AGAM Aluminum Modular Display System engineers around a broad range of extrusions and accessories. These components interlock to build attractive exhibits, displays, store fixtures, office environments or anything your imagination and creativity will allow! Let AGAM be your partner in getting your projects done! Email us at or give us a call for more information at 1-800-645-0854.

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