AGAM Makes Front Page of Exhibit City News

AGAM Makes Front Page of Exhibit City News

Photographed by Exhibit City News, AGAM’s EuroShop Booth

“No matter what vision an exhibit designer has for the layout of a booth, there is an engineered aluminum extrusion that can help bring it to life.” And that is certainly the case with the AGAM Aluminum Modular System. We proudly showcase concise elements of our exclusive sustainable modularity while excelling in creativity.

On June 30, 2011, AGAM was featured on the front-page of Exhibit City News, the nation’s magazines that solely focuses on the meeting, convention and tradeshow industries.

AGAM’s custom-designed booth for the global trade fair, EuroShop, also made an appearance in this front-page article by means of a photograph that was taken on the showroom floor in Germany this past spring.

Straight from the Source — Let’s Talk with President of AGAM, Xavier Decludt

The Q & A below is an excerpt from the Exhibit City News story that featured key professionals in the aluminum extrusion industry. Our very own President, Xavier Decludt, discussed the trends, technology, and benefits of extrusion-based exhibit systems. Let’s see what he had to say:

What are the benefits of using an extrusion-based exhibit construction system?

Decludt: Extrusions can be used to implement any design or feature element can be imagined and recent design trends are making it a sought after solution for the modular industry. Extrusion can be integrated into existing material and be added on for a larger booth. Another major benefit of extrusions is a much lower operating cost for material handling, labor and freight.

How has the integration of fabrics/graphics changed over the last five years?

Decludt: Many conventional graphics are being replaced by silicone edge graphics (SEG) and new extrusions are always in development. Fabric is lightweight, durable and portable, which reduces the amount of metal that is visible. When fabrics are folded, they take up less storage space. When this is combined with the slim profile of extrusions, exhibits become a lot easier to handle.

What new products and design solutions is your company offering?

Decludt: Pliko is a no-tool folding frame that features a minimalist design and clearly defined edges. The 108-inch by 92-inch graphic area maximizes graphic exposure and the slim frame structure virtually disappears.

We also have a new FH 1490 extrusion system that can accommodate graphics inside and outside the cubes. If you hang such cubes, you double your graphic exposure without any additional hardware costs, and if you suspend such cube, your free valuable floor space is available for product presentation and customer interaction.

We have also developed the FH hybrid system, which has the ability to use a fabric frame or convert it for to a hard panel without acquiring new aluminum.

How has technology affected the extrusion industry?

Decludt: We have invested heavily during the past three years in building, machinery, equipment and software. We are one of the very few manufacturers able to offer a wide array of services to the trade, with more than 50 machines under one roof. Our customers come to us with unique design requirements to stand above the crowd, and we are able to respond quickly and efficiently to most of their challenges, giving them the competitive edge needed in today’s market place.

Can an extrusion system be used to build just about any design a client is looking to create?

Decludt: Extrusions are not always the best solution to a custom design, but the modularity of Aluminum Systems reduces design and engineering costs, and time to market is essential – only a modular system achieves that.

AGAM System Provides Fast Customized Solutions

AGAM Aluminum Modular Display System can provide quality products in a timely manner. As a company, we strive to exceed our customer’s expectations every day! Email us at or give us a call, toll free, for more information at 1-800-645-0854.

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