AGAM’s L Shelf Bracket Redesign Using Laser Technology

AGAM’s L Shelf Bracket Redesign Using Laser Technology

AGAM’s L Shelf Bracket Redesign Using Laser Technology

At AGAM we value innovation and customer service. These AGAM are deeply incorporated in our approach to new product development.  Taking into account the latest in industry trends and client feedback we aim to create the most dynamic aluminum modular system.

A recent improvement to the the AGAM aluminum modular system came in the re-evaluation of a popular accessory: the L Shelf Bracket.


The Original Manufacturing Process of the L Shelf Bracket at AGAM

AGAM’s L Shelf Bracket Redesign Using Laser Technology

Punch press tool use to make L Shelf Bracket the “old fashioned way”

AGAM’s L Shelf Bracket Redesign Using Laser Technology

Product inconsistencies from using punch press tool

The L Shelf Bracket is used to provide a platform for mounting shelves. In the past, AGAM manufactured the tool in house the with a punch press and long strips of steel. At the time, this technique was the most cost-effective and utilized the latest in technology to produce the L Shelf Bracket in large quantities. However, after each use, it was necessary to dismantle the punch press for sharpening.

AGAM Invests in the Latest Laser Technology for Aluminum Modular System Product Redesigns

We needed to find a solution to reduce labor hours and to maximize accuracy and efficiency in production. We decided the best solution was to use the laser, a process referred to as “lights out manufacturing”.

The Redesigned Laser Cut AGAM L Shelf Bracket

Using the laser required a re-think of the L Shelf Bracket. Each piece is now not cut as a single piece, but rather it is part of two sub-frames that surround the L Shelf Bracket and holds the group of parts together. One sub-frame is discarded and recycled and the other holds the group of parts in place for tapping and bending.

The Benefits of AGAM’s Laser Technology with the L Shelf Bracket

AGAM’s L Shelf Bracket Redesign Using Laser Technology

L Shelf Brackets made with AGAM’s laser technology

With the use of the laser technology, we were able to control quality and accuracy while decreasing production time and the number of non-compliant parts were left behind. We also used the laser beam to control the placement of parts on the bender. Angles are now consistent, the operator is safely guided through the bending process, and the CAM program is saved on the machine, which is used each time such part needs to be made.

AGAM’s L Shelf Bracket Redesign Using Laser Technology

Laser controller bending L Shelf Brackets

We feel laser technologies have raised our dedication to quality to a new level. Not only has the quality of the product improved but, we can now make subtle changes to the parts quickly and efficiently rather than investing in and waiting for a new tool for the punch press. We can now adapt to the market quickly, saving AGAM time and money so we can pass these savings along to our customers.


AGAM System Provides Fast Customized Solutions

AGAM Aluminum Modular Display System can provide quality products in a timely manner. As a company, we strive to exceed our customer’s expectations every day! Email us at or give us a call, toll free, for more information at 1-800-645-0854.


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