New Product Launch at AGAM – FH Door

At AGAM we have created a team infrastructure that we believe best serves the needs of our customers, providing superior client service as well as design in the aluminum modular system industry.

The Superior AGAM Team Infrastructure

All of our industrial designers possess strong backgrounds in various fields of physics, engineering, architecture, and design. Each industrial designer works in tandem with a project manager. These two person teams eliminate messy and confusing bureaucracy when it comes to communicating and creating designs. Project managers liaise directly with our clients, establishing and strengthening relationships through regular communication. These project managers collaborate to provide superior customer support and efficient communication in a familiar working partnership. The result is the exact creation and execution of solutions requested by customers.

Clients Talk. AGAM Listens.

The AGAM quest for innovation and customer satisfaction drives our inspiration in new product development. In addition to their work on client projects, our industrial designers create new products based on the most popular concerns and requests of our customers.

Designing the AGAM FH Door

New Product Launch at AGAM - FH Door

FH Door Demo

With the rapid development of Silicone Edge Fabric (SEG) frames, we were not surprised to get requests for “fabric” doors. We took this concept and launched AGAM’s new product, the FH Door

Initially, one of our Industrial Designers fabricated a demo door that was 2’ x 2’, to see what needed to be fine tuned before fabricating the full sized door. The designer then went into our plant to discuss details with the production manager. In less than eight hours, the demo of the FH Door had been created!

State-of-the-Art AGAM Production and Design Process

AGAM is one of the only companies that has nearly everything housed under a single roof in the United States. With state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained production specialists, we create precision fabricated products at a very fast turnaround.

The FH Door with double-sided SEG is now available as a special order. It also works quite well in conjunction with a FH1490 design. We’ve had customers order the full size door and we were able to deliver it the next day.

Stay tuned for our next innovation. Here’s a possibility…a curved fabric door!

How the AGAM System Can Help You

As innovative designers at AGAM and industry leaders in the aluminum modular design space, we are constantly creating new extrusions and accessories to benefit our customers. The AGAM Aluminum Modular Display System’s components interlock to build attractive exhibits, displays, store fixtures, office environments or anything you imagination and creativity will allow! Email us at or give us a call, toll free, for more information at 1-800-645-0854.

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