Communicating Design Ideas with AGAM

With the AGAM System, design possibilities are infinite. So, if you have a design idea that you want AGAM to create, there are four forms of communication that will help us understand what you need.

4 Ways to Inform AGAM of your Design Idea

First Way to Communicate Design Ideas: CAD Files

Communicating Design Ideas with AGAM

AutoCAD Rendering

More and more clients are using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Files to communicate. At AGAM, we mainly use AutoCAD and Solidworks. A well-drawn CAD files is the best way to insure you get what you want. From that file, we can get accurate dimensions, check for any issues, and quickly make any revisions. That said CAD files become a shared platform, making it easier to communicate about the design of your project. CAD blogs of our extrusions are available for download here.


Second Way to Communicate Design Ideas: Hand Sketches, Renderings, and Pictures

Communicating Design Ideas with AGAM

Computer-Aided Design

A hand sketch, along with some dimensions, can give us an accurate idea of your concept. A hand sketch can also show details, such as a custom hole drilled through an extrusion. From this, we can provide you with a CAD drawing and a quote for your approval.


Third Way to Communicate Design Ideas: Written Descriptions

Communicating Design Ideas with AGAM

Written Descriptions

Written descriptions work well with drawings. You can easily point out details in a drawing or provide special instructions. Perhaps you want something powder coated with a customer color, or want extra parts? Maybe, you’re on a tight deadline and need things rushed? No problem just let us know!


Forth Way to Communicate Design Ideas: Parts Lists

Communicating Design Ideas with AGAM

Parts Lists

Parts lists are good for simple orders. They also work well when combined with other methods of communication. Our project coordinators can quote these quickly. However, if your project is more complicated, a drawing or description may be necessary.

Naturally, the more information you provide the better. But, if you need a hand ironing out the details, our project coordinators are here to help.

And, if you’re just ordering parts, simply send us a list including the quantity, reference number, and description of parts needed!


How AGAM Can Create Your Designs

The AGAM Aluminum Modular Display System is engineered around a wide variety of extrusions and accessories. These components interlock to build attractive exhibits, displays, store fixtures, office environments or anything your imagination and creativity will allow! Let AGAM be your partner in getting your projects done! Email us at or give us a call for more information at 1-800-645-0854.


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