The Angled Light Box


AGAM light boxes just got a little less boxy.

At AGAM we pride ourselves not only on the versatility of our modular system, but on our eagerness to expand our capabilities based on the unique needs of our clients. This kind of innovation is demonstrated most recently by the incorporation of custom degree angle cuts for our FH2001 light box extrusion.

Though our conventional 45 degree miter was previously unchallenged, we received a request for a light box with a slanted edge. We are always excited to broaden our horizons in order to realize a client’s vision and so, after prototyping a solution for that project, we are happy to announce that we now offer custom angles as an option for FH2001 projects in the future.

For engineering details and specifics, please contact

Extendable PH1005 Extrusion

At AGAM, we like to keep an open dialogue with our clients so that we can stay up to date with their needs. After a recent discussion with one of our clients, we found that they were looking for an expandable extrusion that could be used in multiple configurations of a booth.


To address this need we have created a PH1005 that can adapt to 4 different lengths within the meter on center system. The product utilizes two pieces of PH1005, with an In-Line Connector secured with an M4 screw to the shorter 8” piece. The other 29 9/16” piece of PH1005 has four 3/4” holes milled onto the flat face in our Aluminum Machining Center. These holes allow our custom length Push Button In-Line Connector to snap into place in different locations, resulting in an extrusion that move between 1 meter on center, 1 1/4 meter on center, 1 meter diagonal, and 1 1/2 meter on center.

With a CBX42 Connector attached on both ends, this versatile extrusion is ready to be implemented in any structure that utilizes meter on center proportions.





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